Thursday, 7 February 2008

Project Workbasket's first foray

Right, first up in our catalogue of ripping yarns is the Self-Striping So-Called Scarf, in Noro Silk Garden. I bought three balls of this colourway along with the yarn for Mum's Lady Eleanor because I loved the mini swatch I saw on the internet, and then cast around looking for a pattern. A little while later I was reading through the archives of a wonderful blog I'd recently discovered (do you do that too?) and found this. Hurrah! Same yarn, a pattern I'd wanted to knit for ages, and all the worrying about whether it would work or not done for me. In theory.

I'm still sometimes surprised to see how colour can change - everything. I'm learning that this one of the loveliest things about knitting: discovering how a chosen pattern can be transformed not only by a different yarn, but also in another colour. I loved Ashley's scarf, and I'd happily be wearing it today, but this one isn't working out, is it?

It's a great pattern, I still like the yarn, but they're wasted on each other, as I realised about five minutes after posting about it.

Better, I think. Not perfect, but good enough. And at the moment, good enough is plenty good enough for me.

(Sorry about the light. It is dark before I get home, and will be for weeks).


Ashley said...

Oh, see, I think the stripes are perfect! The brown mutes some of the brightness perfectly, while the brightness livens up the brown. They're happy together.

Marie said...

I agree with Ashley. The striping suits the yarn very well. I have a similar striping noro scarf hiding in my WIP pile. Now I feel inspired to go dig it out. :)