Monday, 11 February 2008

Bournemouth Pier Scarf

D is studying in Bournemouth this month, so we spent some of the weekend on the beach!

Pattern: based on Saartje's striped Noro Kureyon scarf. I rewound the yarn from the So Called Scarf complete with my imperfect splicings into two roughly equal-sized balls, cast on 42 sts and knit in 1 x 1 rib, alternating two rows from each ball, until I ran out of yarn. I used the round cast-on and cast-off explained in the Henry pattern because I didn't want too firm an edge, but they splayed out too much so I used the ends to draw them in a bit as I wove them in.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden colour 8, 3 balls I think. At least I know I bought three balls and I couldn't find a third one, so I am assuming I spliced it into the Rightly Called Mess scarf. I could use my kitchen scales to weigh it to double check, but they are about as precise as I am.
Needles: 4 mm Susanne's rosewood circ from Scottish Fibres
Dimensions: 138 cm x 13 cm
Via the Workbasket? Unquestionably

This scarf is quite a lot shorter than I would normally wear (or knit!) but to my surprise, I like it. I didn't block this, just gave it a good soak, a normal spin rather than the gentle one I usually use for woollen things, and draped it along the top of the radiator overnight so I could wear it the next day. It's good to have a WIP out of the Basket, and a new scarf is a treat.


Julia said...

It's beautiful!! Silk garden is the best. :o)

Ashley said...

Ooh, it came out lovely, and it looks just the right length to me!

Steph said...

Your scarf is beautiful, perfect for a seaside stroll! That reminded me just how pretty Silk Garden is, I should wear my shawls more often.

Marie said...

Oh lovely! The colors remind me of the sea. :) Hope the weekend was a good one (I'm inclined to think any time spent near the beach with a love one can never be bad...).