Sunday, 17 February 2008


Something else I hoped to find in the Workbasket.

This yarn, a present from Laura over a year ago, had been sitting in the basket as a bundle of swatches since I started medical school, mostly because I found reading the Conwy pattern quite confusing. But, New Year's resolutions aboard, I reread the pattern and sternly reminded my imperious inner perfectionist that making mistakes and starting again is better than knitting nothing at all.

I wound up the other skein last Thursday night and began the sock on the train on the way to Bournemouth, picking it up again on the way back on Sunday, very sleepy and thinking that I really ought to be reading some neuroscience. On the bus on Monday I realised I'd made a mistake, so back into the basket it went.

Last night I ripped back to the mis-twined cable and worked on it for a bit after supper before going back to my revision... only to find on putting it down again that I'd sailed merrily on way past the first decrease rows.

Post-it note, strategically-placed safety pin, Kipling in mind, tea. Let's hope this works.


Marie said...

Oh pesky cables! I'm a great believer in post-it notes. Hope yours does the trick. Perseverance is indeed something knitting is very good at teaching, especially when one covets the end product very, very much. :) I love that pattern. If I didn't have such an infernal addiction to variegated sock yarn (which I can then never find decent patterns for once'd think I'd learn after a few skeins), I might have lovely solid stuff to start a pair myself. I will instead vicariously watch your beautiful pair progress. :)

Nora said...

The post-it note should do it...

Is that pattern from Knitting on the Road?

elli said...

Perseverance is good! I used to have a middle school teacher who pronounced it purr-sevur-ants. That's less good, but quite funny. And on an even more random note, I just met somebody today who is from Bournemouth! Small world.