Monday, 13 March 2006

Here be pictures

I rambled on about Lady Eleanor yesterday but had no pictures to show you as I'm still not quite ready to take pictures of my knitting in public. Particularly not when 'public' means a haven of trendies or a hospital.

At just under six balls, she measures 87 cm. I'm not sure I'll knit up the whole thirteen balls I bought; I hear this will grow a lot on blocking and a willing recipient for something made of any left over yarn has already announced herself.

Nonetheless there is still a long way to go, to be fitted into the time I have to myself when certain people are not around. (Knitting something for my mum's birthday is complicated by the fact that I stay with my parents during the week in order to be able to study without too much commuting).

Yes, I wish I was knitting something else for your visual delectation too. Clearly there is even more to be said for socks than I've already thought.


Ashley said...

You definitely do not need all 13 balls. I ended up knitting 12 and using the 13th for fringe, and I think I could have knit only 10 and been perfectly happy. And I'm betting your mother is shorter than I am. I was shocked--shocked!--by how long it got when I blocked it.

Mary said...

Yes, socks provide good blogging fodder as well as quick knitting. Still, it will be worth it when it's done - I'm sure your mum will love it

Marie said...

She's gorgeous! I's seriously coveting the colorway... It's nice too that you'll have some left over for another gift.
I'm going to my parents' this weekend as well so the vest-in-progress will get left behind and I'll get to work on one of the other projects I've dropped. Is it bad that I feel kind of happy about this?

Blair said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Colors are beautiful together and I love the texture.