Sunday, 12 March 2006

Breaking news

A somewhat eventful weekend. Lady Eleanor came to see The Proposition yesterday evening at The Ritzy , and stayed on afterwards drinking beer and listening to Rich and Ally discuss the challanges of a new bassist joining Low and the merits of Over-by-over. Unfortunately she ran out of yarn before true drunken knitting could set in, and perched on the edge of my chair inspecting the beautiful people of Brixton.

This afternoon Rich turned his ankle playing football in the park, so Lady E accompanied us to A & E where she felt quite at home. A very nice doctor told him he's either torn a ligament badly or fractured the base of the tibia; it's too swollen to tell at the moment. When we got back he hid under the duvet to watch Planet Earth, helpfully contributing to this month's Project Spectrum.

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Marie said...

Lovely red!
Hope Rich feels better and that it is not too serious!