Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Why it's not a good idea to read while knitting Lady Eleanor

You see this thing that looks like a sock toe in the middle of my Lady E?

That's what happens if you incorporate the rectangle on the wrong side of the stitches you've picked up into your new rectangle. A few days ago I praised this pattern to Elizabeth as one that's easy enough not have to think about, but sufficiently interesting to make sure you keep on track. Well, I stand by that statement - with the proviso that if you're reading something really really interesting and are bored of your Lady Eleanor and wish you could spend just a little time knitting something else but stop yourself from doing so because you are knitting Lady E to deadline, then it's a good idea to check said knitting occasionally.

Clearly it would have been better to let myself knit something else. Then I might have had a start on my Picovoli or swatch for Cinxia, rather than this:

That's seven-rectangles-and-one-triangle worth of yarn.

And you want to know something really impressive? As soon as I picked up those stitches I did it again.


Elizabeth said...

I admire your commitment to knitting and reading, which must be considerable if you are doing both at once! I myself have never mastered that particular skill. Your Lady E is looking lovely, despite the accidental sock toes.

Marie said...

You can keep the sock toe as a handy pocket!
Just kidding. :) I wish I can knit and read at the same reading rate has sadly dropped off significantly since I started knitting. What was the really interesting thing that you were reading when you made the toes?

meowgirl said...

what is it about certain knitting mistakes that attract us to repeat them? it's no fun to rip under deadline, but the hard part is you are bored of Lady Eleanor. is there anything you could do to liven things up? :)