Saturday, 18 March 2006

Tea and toast

It's been lovely weather today, so it was a pleasure to make like a trendy Londoner and set off to Borough market in search of wheatgerm for Rich's breadmaking efforts and provisions for tomorrow's lunch. (For Marie, here is a picture of his latest creation, based on the wheatgerm loaf in the excellent The Handmade Loaf).

I got back to find a band practising in my living room, so I took myself off to Sam and Ed's house to do some schoolwork, and of course spent most of the time watching the rugby with Cliff, Justin, and Lady Eleanor.

Lady E is so tantalisingly close to the home straight that I’m only managing to continue knitting her because I have no other possible projects immediately to hand (the Cinxia and Ribena yarn are at my parents’ house) and because I know that I won’t have much knitting time in the coming week. And also because John Lewis doesn’t sell sock yarn.

I managed not to buy any yarn at Liberty either, although I did liberate these from their dark basket in the clearance basement:

They’re 50 m rolls of grosgrain ribbon, reduced from £10 to £3 each. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but since I’ve had difficulty finding cotton grosgrain ribbon before it seemed too good an opportunity not to take up to excess.

Also in Liberty's I saw some stripy knitted teacosies with pompoms on the top, which reminded me that I have long been meaning to knit a teacosy, and that now might be the ideal time to make a fun and practical little project after Lady Eleanor. I really liked Larissa's teacosy when I saw it in December, and have since seen these that I like. It seems I'm attracted to all cosies flowery, although I'd also like to knit something more traditional and stripy like the ones my mum tells me her granny used to knit, or perhaps even a fair-isle one. These are my tea-pots:

Any ideas?


Ashley said...

Sadly I have no advice to offer on the tea cosy front (there is that one in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but it isn't striped), but I am now utterly obsessed with finding a teapot like your stripy one. I could not love it more.

Marie said...

The bread looks delicious! Reminds me of the honey wheat loaves I used to get from the farmer's market.
On the teapot front (I love both of them! I have one beehouse teapot and have been trying to rationalize my way into buying one of those beautiful Japnaese cast-iron ones...), I really like the striped cozy. Something colorful like that would look very nice on the white teapot. Perhaps you can do a solid colored textured stitch (B. Walker's treasuries have lots of neat stitches) or one with intersia spots for the striped teapot? Just some random ideas...I have no patterns to offer...the only one that I can find in my books is an elaborately needlepointed one.

meowgirl said...

mmm, the bread looks beautifully risen and yummy. hope Rich's ankle is better.

i love your teapots! with two teapots, there is opportunity to knit two completely different cozies. maybe combine some of the features you like? fair isle flowers?

lots of cozies here:

sounds like you'll definitely make the birthday deadline with Lady Eleanor. yay. :)