Monday, 17 April 2006

Blue and green should never be seen

... which is presumably why those nice people at Noro chose to stop the yarn just where it was turning a beautiful emerald green, and knot in the yarn in reverse heralding the return of the blinding swimming-pool-from-an-aeroplane-turquoise. Humph.

Luckily, the weekend supplements from a few weeks ago that I finally got round to reading this morning tell me it's about time I was moving into my Blue Period.

Maybe those Noro folk had my best interests at heart after all.


Marie said...

The blue outfits look delicious (what fashion mag is it from?)...and match the colors of your scarf perfectly. I think the scarf is still beautiful despite the short stretch of green. I really like the it silk garden?

Julia said...

I think the scarf is beautiful, too! Keep on knittin'! =)