Thursday, 13 April 2006


Spring seems finally to have boinged in this part of the world, setting the year firmly on its path to summer. I had a chance to spend a bit of time outside today with a book, a cup of tea and my camera; the first time I've been into the garden for anything other than hanging washing or taking the compost out this year. I don't know much about plants, but I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

A Trehane Camellia, variety unknown, where Lady Eleanor could be seen perching in the snow not so long ago:

Lenten roses white...

....and pink:

Pulmonaria officinalis (Lung-wort, also called 'Soldiers and Sailors'!)


and a variegated Periwinkle:

Hope you get the chance to be outside for a bit over the Easter weekend.


Marie said...

I love all the flowers! The pink one is especially intriguing. I really like the way the green transitions into the pink of the petals. Let me know if you ever find out what it is. :)

Ashley said...

Beautiful! I'll have to go out with the camera today and capture the springiness around here!

Julia said...

Ooo...beautiful spring flowers, your garden must look gorgeous right now. I think lenten roses are so neat and magic-looking. What a nice place to sit and read, I'm jealous!

Blair said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Oh look--you have lungwort too! I missed it the first time around.