Monday, 10 April 2006

In search of Granny Weatherwax

Life and its counterpart seem to throw up new challenges daily around here at the moment, so I've put the grown-up reading programme aside for a bit and gone out to play. Protected by the Purple Cloak of Perseverance, armed with the Two-Ended Silver Sword of Swiftness and guided by Marie's sound advice I set off in quest of common sense and reassurance to Discworld.

I began as I thought any good knight knittant should, at the beginning, and can now conclusively tell you that the revered grandmother does not appear in 'The Colour of Magic'. Onward.


Marie said... may find success on your quest if you searched within the hallow pages of Wyrd Sisters.

Julia said... I want to read this novel, I love fantasy fiction. This one looks good for some reason, what did you think?