Saturday, 8 April 2006

Shoulder warmer

As I was trying on the Picovoli this morning to check that the neck and armholes fit, my sister pointed out that if I still lived near to Brick Lane I could step outside wearing it and I'd fit right in. This year's answer to the shrug, with circular needle still attached for the truly daring.

Hmm. Maybe if the current life plans don't work out I'll set up a stall at Spitalfieds Market selling coverings for unexpected body parts. Knee warmer, anyone?


Ashley said...

It does seem a little bit challenging to be walking around with circular needles sticking out every which way. However Picovoli looks lovely and not too Ribena-esque at all.

But speaking of warming odd parts, I was stuck at school yesterday with a camisole that would not stay tucked in, and kept riding up under my sweater, so that my middle was always cold, and I thought to myself "I _really_ need to make one of Philippa's kidney warmers."

Julia said...

He, he. I love that pattern! I have one finished and ready for blocking for this weekend, and another one that I'm knitting one size up. I like that beautiful shade of purple...looking good so far. :)

Marie said... already have the kidney warmer market cornered. :) I love Picovoli's color...such a rich purple. It looks terrific so far!

Elli said...

looks like you're off to a good start! I have the yarn for a piovoli languishing around here somewhere...maybe yours will inspire me to get going!