Saturday, 1 April 2006

Pinch, punch

You will be pleased to know that in between everything else there has been a little bit of knitting: a So-Called Scarf in the brightest colours imaginable (I thought there would be more green in this, but so far it is turning out very blue) and the return of the Ribena Picovoli.

Pam Allen begins her introduction to 'Scarf Style' with the statement 'A scarf on the needles is the comfort food of knitting', and this one certainly fits that description. It's almost mesmerising watching the colours blend into each other, the stitch pattern is interesting and easily memorised by the fingers, and it's going faster now that I'm getting used to these new, slippy Addis (and maybe a bit tighter, as you can see in the photo above). I have also been eating a lot of mashed potato, and cake. Although probably not much more cake than I usually eat. In my perfect world, I would spend a few hours at my allotment every day and arrive home to a pot of tea and a piece of cake. As this is currently impossible due to my lack of allotment, I try to keep up the cake consumption for good measure.

I started 'A brief Stay with the Living'. The title weighed the balance in its favour, seeming appropriate at the moment. I like it. I can see why it might be compared to VW, it reminds me a bit of 'The Waves'.

Hopefully April will be a better month.


Ashley said...

Love the blues. IS that Noro?

I love the concept of allotments and wish we had them here--some cities have "community gardens" and the like, but I don't think mine does. and while I have quite a nice back yard at the house, the upstairs-neighbors/landlords seem to have definitive landscaping goals that are not to be challenged (only fair I suppose, since they'll live here longer than I will).

At least I can have cake and tea.

Hope you are well.

Julia said...

Your scarf is gorgeous. And that quote is exactly right! Scarves are definitely the comfort food of knitting. Your scarf is encouraging me to try the My So Called Scarf pattern after all...maybe I'll do a swatch and see how it goes.

Laura said...

Hi Philippa! Thanks for your suggestion on my blog about the sock model. I may just try that.

Your scarf is lovely. I haven't tried that pattern yet, but I'd really like too. I'll have to look in my stash for something interesting to use. Also, I wanted to say that your mother's Lady E turned out to be so lovely. That colorway is gorgeous.

My March kind of stunk too. I am hoping for a good April for both of us!

eireann said...

hello! thank you for stopping by my weblog and saying hi! if you're interested in a skirt, drop me a line at ohbara at gmail dot com. i don't sell them online because of fitting issues, but i love doing custom work for people. :)


Satsuki said...

I've loved the Darrieussecq and hope you will too. I've never thought of VW while reading it but now i can see where the resemblance is. I wish you a conforting April.

Marie said...

Your descriptions made both the books look very interesting. I shall have to add them to my reading list as well. :) I hope things are a little better now.
In terms of knitting, I love the pattern for my so-called scarf. Mine virtually grew itself from my needles in a matter of days. Lots of fun to knit.

meowgirl said...

i'm glad you have comfort knitting, cakes, and books. wishing you many rejuvenating tea parties.

domesticat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the blues in that scarf - what yarn are you using?

ameliefan said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog. there isn't much there yet, but i appreciate the welcome. i'm looking forward to checking out your blog, as well. cheers.