Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Odds and sods

Not much knitting has been going chez Pipsqueak this week. The So-Called Scarf is going at a rate of knots - about six rows a night while I watch the Ten O’clock News before throwing up my hands in horror and grumping off to bed, while the Picovoli fell by the wayside for a bit when I realised I would have to rip and rewash my swatch (Cathay takes a long time to dry). Plus, it's still unremittingly purple.

The lack of knitting seems to go with a general state of agitation, but has meant I've got round to a few of the things I've been meaning to do for ages. I came up with some kind of solution for my inexpertly wound centre-pull balls,

fixed my sewing machine, and put my books in alphabetical order.

(Yes, this may not seem a high priority to many people. It's made me feel a lot calmer every time I look at my shelves, and I know where things are now).

I've also spent an inordinate amount of time looking at wooden boxes on eBay.

What was it Parikha said about lacking inspiration?


Marie said...

Wooden boxes?
Your newly organized books look lovely! I love the wall shelves...if the real estate bubble pops one day, I too may have a book-lined room. :) (Hey, I can dream!)
About it the purple you don't like or the intensity of the purple?

Ashley said...

OH! the bowl! Super smart, and much more attractive than the ziploc bags I usually try to corral my yarn with. I will have to adopt this right away.

Elizabeth said...

Love the book photos - you've got quite a nice collection of Arden Shakespeares and Virginia Woolf.

Julia said...

Once again, I love the color! I think the purple is a beautiful shade. At least it's deep, not bright...

meowgirl said...

what happened? why did you have to rip your swatch?

those rows and rows of organized books are sigh-inducingly wonderful.