Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Autumn into winter

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning:

Flame-bright leaves and thick frost on the funny flat roof of the house behind our flat, and on the street below, a tree already losing its autumn leaves.

Over the weekend the weather turned from cool to cold. Snow is forecast for the week ahead, and this evening on the way home from my new favourite grocery shop I was caught suddenly in a hail-storm.

Time to put away jackets, pumps and canvas handbags, and reach for mittens, scarves, long coats and woollen socks to pull on beneath winter boots.

And definitely time to curl up with some knitting and a pot of comforting tea.

(Thanks, dear).

(ETA, as I go to bed: It's snowing! Brrr).


Ink and Indigo said...

We had very severe snow today - I finished a pair of fingerless gloves today and was SO glad of them on the cycle home. Brr!

Elli said...

You had snow! That's amazing. We had a tiny bit of sleet last night, which finally prompted me to bring in my plants (I've been pushing it a little) but nothing to write home about. Looks like you're all set to weather any blizzards! Don't forget the hot water bottle for your feet :)

Katie M. said...

I love the cozy inside versus the ever-more wintry outside. Stay warm!