Monday, 31 March 2008

Garden string

This ratty-looking thing is another self-striping Noro scarf. When Mum came to visit a few weeks ago she admired my Bournemouth Pier Scarf, and since it is a rarity for her to express anything more than abstract approval of a knitted item, I thought I could make her one for her birthday. (My mum is one of those people who, when pressed on what she'd like for her birthday, will say something like 'New kitchen scissors. Tulips. A cup of tea and some time to read my book').

I'm knitting it from the two balls of Silk Garden I have left over from her Lady Eleanor. Since the BPS took up three balls, I am knitting this on larger needles and in stocking stitch instead of ribbing to make the yarn go further. The plan is to back the scarf with fabric, which will mean dusting off my sewing machine. Poor thing, he has been sitting meekly in the corner since last I bought a pair of jeans (which, necessarily, needed shortening) over a year ago, waiting for me to love him. And yet I am irrationally scared of him - or, more accurately, of myself, when faced with a threaded needle.

There is more knitting waiting in the Workbasket to be machine-sewn (which has been waiting for nearly two years, tsk tsk) and I've been meaning to make myself a new school bag for almost as long, so it's about time I made my peace with SeƱor Coser (hm, maybe anthropomorphising the machine will help), and the most of my fantastically thoughtful and generous 21st birthday present from the best uncle uncle in the world. To whom I owe a neckwarmer, still. Oh dear.

Watch this space.


Rachel said...

Pretty! I like knitted things with fabric backing.
Just don't jam your fingers under the moving needle and you'll be fine :)

Kristen said...

That's a gorgeous colorway - much more subtle than what I usually associate with Noro.

I know what you mean about being scared of the sewing machine. Mine is fabulous, but it still intimidates me. I have this clever idea of making fabric tabs for one of my daughter's jackets, but the thought of learning to make buttonholes sends me into a cold sweat. Good luck conquering the beast!