Thursday, 27 March 2008

February socks

Because February is all about perseverance.

Pattern: Conwy socks, from Knitting on the Road
Heel: Round heel, slip-stitch heel flap
Toe: Star
Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss in Dusk, a present from Laura. 1 1/3 skeins
Needles: Brittany birch 2.75 mm dpns, from I Knit London
Gauge: 16 st x 24 r = 5 cm in stocking stitch
Via the Workbasket? Oh yes

I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn, and it is a pleasure to wear. It is strong and soft and shiny and fluffy all at once, and socks knit from it are both snuggly and firm. Just right. They were already fuzzing a bit by around the cuff by the time I'd knit to the toe, but I am going to wear them and wear them until I wear them out, because they feel lovely. I didn't enjoy knitting the pattern as much as I'd hoped, but the final socks fit me perfectly, and I'm still really looking forward to going to Conwy itself one day, and knitting another pair!

The chart for the calf shaping kind of abandons you for the last two decrease rows. I stuck as closely to the chart as I could, just changing the last two k2togs to p2tog and the ssk to ssp to keep the ribbing intact - leaving a V-shape of disintegrating ribs down the back, which isn't very handsome. For alternative, prettier versions, see Ashley's and Amy's.

I am pleased to have these out of the Basket and on my feet. Thank you, Laura, for the wherewithal to make a pair of cosseting socks. It is much appreciated, and this week, needed indeed.

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Amy said...

Those are plenty yummy!

(March is going to be about perseverance, for me.)