Tuesday, 25 March 2008

White Easter

My term finished with a bang (read: exam) last Wednesday, and on Thursday D and I set off to the Lake District for the Easter weekend. I was looking forward to reading, cooking, eating, sleeping, walking, talking, and taking pictures of my knitting basking in the sunshine atop daffodil-fringed stone walls.

On Sunday morning I was woken early by the glowing white light and hushed stillness of a world that's been cloaked in snow overnight. I leapt out of bed with the joy of someone who only sees a real snowfall once every few years, and took these pictures from the bedroom window:

I wanted to post them immediately and wish you a happy Easter, but we didn't have internet access where we were staying - or mobile reception, or a phone line at all after heavier weather elsewhere in Cumbria brought down the phone wires. Or central heating, for that matter. But we split enough logs to keep a fire roaring in both rooms downstairs, the storage heaters took over as we went to bed and continued to give off heat 'til mid-afternoon, and we had hats and scarves and gloves galore. I found these tucked into the back of a drawer:

They are acrylic and not very pretty, but they fit nicely and I love the long cuffs that tuck into sleeves to keep the wind out. The cuffs have patterns on the insides, too, which I forgot to take a picture of. I've been wanting to make some mittens for ages, and now they are careering to the top of my To Knit list. (If you've Ravelry access, how beautiful are Gully's mittens?!).

I didn't knit these little Easter chicks; Mum sent them away with us to unwrap on Sunday morning. They had Creme Eggs in the bottom, and their heads are stuffed with cotton wool. I'd like to find or work out a pattern for these; they'd be great for using up little scraps of yarn, and they made us so happy it would be nice to do the same for my friends next year.

Hope you had a good Easter, and managed to keep warm!

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Julia said...

Awww...look at those snowy sheep! I love sheep! I don't think I've ever seen sheep in snow for some reason, always in bright sunny green fields...but I guess they're really made to live in the cold! Hence, the wool, duh.
Though i did find out here in central california there's a woman who has been breeding her own type of sheep that can live in hot weather better. Kinda neat.