Saturday, 11 August 2007

Lost in a book

I'm still here, I just haven't been knitting much.

I passed my exams, had some hospitally stuff, D had exams (and did very well), and now we're zipping around seeing friends aplenty and packing to go away. In between, I've been reading - these last week

and this week this and now this and this. I suddenly seem to have rediscovered the ability to lose myself in a book, mislaid somewhere along an English literature degree, and while I can read and knit, I'm relishing the ability to curl up in a chair by an open window and surface only for something absolutely necessary like lunch.

I am taking some knitting to France with me and should be able to fit some in on the car journeys, if not between all the sleeping, reading and cooking. See you when I get back!


Ashley said...

How brilliant are those Pat Barker novels? I love them.

More hospitalling? Hope you're doing well.....and huge congrats on passing your exams!

Emily said...

Oh, those Pat Barkers a re great, aren't they? Really interesting regarding the history and intriguing about the people.

The HPs are fun too.

Elli said...

Ok, so this is completely late but...WOO-HOO!!! on the exam passing! I hope France was lovely too and that you had a nice relaxing time after all that hard work :)

Marie said...

this is even more belated but congrats on the exam success for both you and D.! That sweater is gorgeous (love the pockets) and I shall have to take a look at those books at the library. :)