Friday, 13 July 2007

Whatever shall I do?

So I was merrily knitting away on my second swatch when D asked to borrow my computer to look up cor pulmonale and pulmonary atresia. Which normally would have been fine, except that this time it meant that I stopped reading your lovely blogs and started looking at my knitting. And noticed this:

I'd thought the yarn became a bit thin earlier in the swatch, but as I was busy reading I didn't pay it much attention and carried on. This time, it commanded my full attention. Want a closer look?

Daphne noted that Rowan seem to have problems with the great yardage. Which is slightly annoying, but since you'd usually expect to have to join ends in a piece of knitting, a few extra knots in a ball of yarn is not the end of the world. Obviously finding that the dk yarn you'd bought is in fact thick and thin is also not the end of the world, but is a bit more annoying.

Hum. Adulterated pleasure after all.


Marie said...

Ah I see what you mean. How frustrating and irritating, especially for an expensive "luxury" yarn! Do you think the over-twisted sections would relax and fluff up a bit after a wash? If it does that, the look of the end knitted piece should not be very much affected. However, I think this definitely deserves a strongly worded letter to Rowan about the poor consistency of the yarn. Say what you said here about the uneven twist/grist and include the photos you show here as evidence. As for the place you bought it at, I would mention this and say how unhappy you are with the quality of the yarn. Even if they do nothing but shrug that it's not their fault, it may make you feel better to have vented. :) At least it's still a dreamy color.

Elli said...

I think that you're overlooking the larger problem here...the fact that D is searching for "cor pulmonale and pulmonary atresia" instead of "something lovely to get for Philippa." I think that this should be addressed as soon as possible. I feel it is my duty as a friend and as a knitter to help keep these things in perspective.

p.s. so the yarn isn't supposed to be thick and thin? I'd say Rowan's due for a politely worded letter of complaint, don't you?

Daphne said...

And to think, I was pensively fondling some Rowan Silk Wool today! It did not come home with me, and so I have no idea if it has many knots or thick and thin sections. I would say this defect is unusual for Rowan yarns, and disappointing.

(I also looked at the Rowan preview catalog... so many very pretty things coming this fall!)