Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lost: one willy

By which I mean, of course, a memory stick. It has all my photos from France on it, plus an old version of a certainty-based marking question programme I much prefer to the new one and was certainly instrumental in me passing my exams, as well as some very funny photos that don't belong to me. Also, it was the first thing Deri gave me and in theory still belongs to him, in addition to its sentimental value for said reason. (Had he not offered to give me the old version of LAPT, I would never have gone to sports night to collect it and our budding romance might never have blossomed. But I digress).

Two of my most treasured knitbloggers are trying to post more often, and in theory so am I. These two posts meant a great deal to me, chiming both with my own ever-present intentions to post more frequently, and more deeply with some of the reasons that I don't. When I've found the willy (or been reunited with D's computer. Sadly it, and he, are in the wilds of Essex on a GP placement) I'll be able to show you some photos of a sad little sock, ripped from the needles by its cruel knitter due to its deceptively lovely appearance on said needles and holey hag-like treachery on the foot. While you're here, could anyone guide me in the direction of learning how to pick up stitches along the edge of a heel flap so as not to leave a gaping hole when resuming knitting in the round?

So that this isn't an entirely picture-less post, I'll leave you with the photo that would be the background to my title bar if only I could work out how to put it there, taken during a biology field trip last May.

The white flower is a Stellaria holostea, I think. It's more commonly known as stitchwort.


Elli said...

Are you getting a lot of holes, or just one? For the former I'd try twisting the stitches as you pick them up. For the latter I'd create a new stitch by lifting and twisting the yarn from between two stitches from the previous row and immediately knitting it together with the next stitch (let me know if that doesn't make sense).

I hope you find your willy (never heard that one used before...tee-hee) and your knitting/blogging mojo soon!

Julia said...

Ditto Elli..sometimes I even need to pick up more than one stitch and do more than one k2tog. You can see if it's working by kind of stretching and tugging that area of the sock. If you still see a noticeable hole (who cares about a teeny one) undo the picked up stitches and try picking up other stitches. That's what I had to do on my last pair of socks as it seemed the hole was coming from one particular set of sts and it took a bit of fudging to find them and fix it.

Anonymous said...

Picking up stitches is the way to go! Looking forward to seeing the finished results when you locate your willy :) I'm always happy when you post, and I check back all the time for the next installment, so do come back before too long! Hannah