Saturday, 26 May 2007

In the absence of a niddy noddy

... you can always use a cereal box. (Two because the swatch I am unravelling is knit from two balls of yarn).

See, they even have a neat little yarn anchor! (Not the one on the right because my flatmate opened it upside down. You can still hook the yarn over the edge).

It's better if they have some cereal in to stop them tipping over. (Better still if there's more than a tiny bit in an open bag so you don't end up spilling your flatmate's favourite cereal all over the floor).

I wish I had a niddy noddy.


Elli said...

I think you're missing the larger problem here...a roommate who opens cereal boxes at the wrong end?!? How can you live with that! :)

Julia said...

Haha! That's hilarious! And clever, mind you. Oh, and cheap. =)

Fiona said...

Aha - so that's what a niddy noddy is. And a swift is something that winds yarn into a ball from a skein, right? It's one of those questions I always wanted to know but was too afraid to ask..

Marie said...

Hee! Brilliant solution! Pretty yarn too.