Monday, 21 May 2007

An almost perfect weekend

A friend's birthday party*;

a trip to Brixton market; a smidgeon of work;

melanzane al funghetto from here (the tomatoes and basil are in fact not in this recipe at all but the one on the opposite page; I managed to read and pull out the ingredients for both and didn't realise until halfway through, so there is now garlicky tomato sauce in the freezer)

with tiny baked potatoes and salad,

rhubarb crumble;

lots of sleep; goslings,

watching cricket,

and a band (from our vantage point overlooking the pedaloes, drinking tea, halfway round the lake), in Battersea park;

warm feta and lentil salad (recipe cut out of a newspaper some years ago),

with green salad and naan bread.

The Persian flaw in a blissful weekend: still getting 21.5 st to 2" on 2.25mm needles.

More swatching.

*I put this picture up because I was so touched when Jane and Ashley allowed us a tiny glimpse more of the face behind the camera. Please note that for some reason this was the hottest party I've ever been to. Much fun nonetheless.


Steph said...

Hi, nice to *see* you :-)

Ashley said...

Yesh, the difference between my sharing and your sharing is that your sharing is totally cute! And you don't look like a crazy person in it!

Off to get some lentils and feta...

Daphne said...

You are really stinkin' cute. I fear the power of that smile and a degree in medicine: You will rule the planet.

Like Ashley, I am now in need of lentils and feta. I have the feta half... but nevermind, I'm headed for bed as it's late now.

Laura said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

and your picture *is* super-cute, flushed cheeks and all. :)

Marie said...

Sounds like the most wonderful weekend ever! Makes me wish for sunshine and rhubarb and goslings. :)
Your picture is absolutely adorable! (Is that D?)