Thursday, 31 May 2007

Not with the band

Last week I saw Mohair at the Camden Barfly. I was really looking forward to posting about it because - well, they're called 'mohair', and as it turned out they had their name lit up in dressing-table-style lights. I had a great photo planned with the sock (the Schaeffer Anne has a bit of mohair in it) in the foreground in true Harlot style - only I forgot my camera*. (Possibly a good thing. It was almost too hot to sweat, let alone wave around a bit of hairy knitting).

Yesterday I went to see some of Hot Chip DJing at Fopp on Tottenham Court Road to promote their album for the DJ-Kicks series (and then, because I was one of the first twenty-five to turn up, on to the invitation-only party at Plastic People no less!). It was brilliant - a bit like being at a really great houseparty, with someone with impeccable taste and lots of humour on the decks, and at Fopp there were little candles on the tables, beer to drink out of handsome glasses, and much knitting. I even spoke to one of the Chips afterwards and he was really friendly and would I'm sure have been happy to pose with the knitting... only my camera ran out of batteries while I was checking the light levels.

Clearly, to be anything like Her Harlottiness I am going to have to try harder in more ways than just the knitting.

*So that this isn't a completely picture-less post I stole this picture from this nice man. Thank you Canolais!


darling vicarage said...

wooo, you hardcore party girl you! xx

Marie said...

Mohair. Ha! I love it!