Sunday, 7 September 2008

I Knit with the Yarn Harlot*

This week has been humbling, exciting, exhausting, challenging, uplifting, surprising, disappointing, inspiring, frustrating, saddening – and one of the best of my life.

What better way to round off such a week than to go and see the Yarn Harlot?

I had determined not to buy anything at all (I’ve just moved house, and shocked even myself with how many books and how much yarn I’d squirreled away since learning to knit), but, well. The best-laid plans and all that...

Undyed Bluefaced sock yarn, to experiment dyeing with; enough to knit into a Yarnissima pattern which she'd understandably sold out of by the time we managed to fight our way to the front of the huddle in front of her little stall, but I’ve since purchased from Ravelry.

A cookery book full of all things gingery, from the people behind the gingerbread house knit in support of GOSH.

A lovely, robust and woolly hat kit from Heathland Hebridean. I tried the sample on at the stall and it’s the first hat I’ve worn since learning to look in the mirror that didn’t make me feel like a boiled egg in its little woolly cosy.

Some Lionel Nichols buttons for a cardigan, one of these days.

Laceweight cashmere from Knitwitches. I’ve only ever knit a Branching Out, and that in worsted weight, and yet I keep squirreling away skeins of laceweight. Maybe I should actually try knitting with it….

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Stephanie’s talk was inspirational and restorative, as well as being very very funny. I was delighted to meet Lara and the many stall-holders who were so generous with their time and advice, as well as in bringing such wonderful yarns and patterns! and more than anything, thanks to Jane, for her bolstering and soothing words over large mugs of tea and breakfast beforehand, and being an excellent partner in knitterly crime.

*I forgot my camera and any of her books to sign, but you can just see me in this post on the Yarn Harlot's blog. See the third picture down? Look just behind the raised elbow of the lady in the front row wearing apple green, and you can see my fuzzy little head wearing glasses and looking insanely happy, next to Jane weilding her camera.

I hope Steph comes back next year.


elli said...

I totally see you in that picture! As clear as day!

And that cookbook is the cutest. Mmmm...makes me want to make gingerbread. And drink lemon ginger tea.

Lara said...

It was so lovely to meet you as well! We should organise some knitting and a cup of tea soon. Hope that things have picked up and you aren't having too many more traumatic days at work. The heathland wool is soo lovely - I'm very excited about your hat. And the buttons are very lovely indeed. Excellent purchases!