Saturday, 21 June 2008

Grey cables

The library cardigan is watching from the sidelines for a little while; I'd always intended to add sleeves and they didn't go quite as planned, and I haven't yet faced up to ripping back all the raglan decreases and recalculating them with different sleeve numbers.

Meantime, I'm seeking my cabling pleasure in this:

A few rounds of stripes in the round, a few rows of Silk Wool cables. Happy.


MeowGirl said...

it's beautiful--the grey, the cables, the smooth shine.

what went wrong w/ the raglan sleeves?

Alice said...

I'm doing the same top! In a purple-pink. Though I adapted it to work in the round.

Race ya!

Ink and Indigo said...

Queued this recently: looks fantastic in the Silk Wool. Lovely.

Elli said...


And that's all I have to say about that.

angelarae said...

Reminds me of Catriona by D.Bliss. That pattern is Free here:

This is very similar but not quite the same, I guess. It's very pretty in your blue yarn. Hope you can show us more soon. It's gorgeous so far:)