Saturday, 24 May 2008

Catching up

Exams finished on Thursday. They were truly awful, so I will be back in the library as of Tuesday. It was going to be Monday but Monday is a bank holiday and I love bank holidays, so Tuesday it is. I spent yesterday pottering around Brixton market with Anna, looking at fabric, and then sitting on her sofa with tea and biscuits, knitting, and talking about everything and nothing into the small hours, vaguely waiting for something more than a Braxton Hicks.

Want to see what I was knitting?

It's Yahaira's Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi, knit in some very un-soft Debbie Bliss Maya from the stash. More of that anon. I'm off to buy a ribbon for JB's jumper and dust off my sewing machine.


nicole said...

Thanks for linking to that great pattern, I hadn't seen it before.

And the colour you're using is one of my favourites. It'll be stunning!

Nora said...

Ah, exams! Mine start in 2 weeks.

Ink and Indigo said...

Looks lovely! How is the Maya? I've been eyeing up for what seems like months, since it came up cheap on Get Knitted...

Anonymous said...


Eeeeee. Hello. i was so excited and happy to see you on my fledging blog. I started it during 'revision' (it was definitely my best avoidance tactic of the lot) and now I get so excited every time someone leaves me a comment! I have been reading some of your archives.

I really love that pattern - it's going to be beautiful. The colour is gorgeous too. I really want to buy Yahaira's book but haven't got around to it yet.... soon.

Are you really truly going back to the library tomorrow? That makes me feel quite sad. Are you so sure it is necessary? Library or no library you should come over for tea soon.


angelarae said...

Your cardi is looking lovely. I've been wanting to knit something Aran...I'll have to give this a try:)