Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

After the wettest bank holiday ever, I have succumbed to the lurgy Deri threatened to give me last week, and will not be going to the library today but sitting in bed employing the whole tissue population of south London. Snuffle snuffle.

Luckily, Elli thoroughly cheered me up this morning by posting about her trip to Britain, which made me inordinately happy, and reminded me that once upon a time the sun did shine on this damp corner of the globe.

Two happy knitbloggers atop Primrose Hill:

We took Elli and Thunk for a picnic in Regent's Park, where it was so hot we had to sit under a tree and lazily watch others play football in the blazing sun, then up to Primrose Hill to see the view and sit and knit awhile and then on to one of our favourite pubs.

D and I had such a good time we quite missed them the next day, which is good going for an afternoon's acquaintance! Luckily for us, Thunk is still here for a while doing some research, so after I have shaken off this pestilent cold I will go and route him out for some more merriment. Meanwhile, I may also have purchased some yarn for the Aran Crossover Top, so if I can't hang out with Elli in actuality at least I knit just like her...

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elli said...

We did have the most fantastic weather, didn't we? It's the first thing I mention when someone asks about my trip..."the weather was PERFECT"

I hope your cold (and the weather) clears up soon! You should have Thunk make you some Moroccan stew. It's his specialty and oh so yummy!