Thursday, 22 February 2007

Conversation with a muggle: II

D: (Asking about Jasmine's guage swatch) But why was she knitting it round?
Me: She wasn't. It was a flat piece of knitting, but stocking stitch does just curl round. See, if you look at this side it's rows of tiny little half-moon bumps, and on this side it's rows of little 'v's. If you just knit backwards and forwards you get garter stitch, which has equal numbers of 'v's and bumps on both sides so it lies flat. It looks a bit like this, which is actually reverse stocking stitch, but with more space between each row of bumps. If you're knitting stocking stitch, instead of knitting backwards and forwards you knit one row and purl the next, so you get all the 'v's on one side and all the bumps on the other. That means that one side of the fabric is a bit bigger than the other side and that causes it to curl round.
D: But that's a good thing, right?
Me: Why?
D: If you're knitting a stocking.


Elli said...

Oye. Well, at least he's asking questions...

Marie said...

Hee! I agree with Elli, and it is very impressive that his eyes did not glaze over and his brain shut off during the explanation (As I.'s do). He can be taught and assimilated! :)

Ashley said...

The very fact that he's asking questions? It's a good sign. From my own potential muggle this week: "how does yarn stick together?" and, as a followup, "how is yarn different than thread?" and then finally, "so all your stitches are the same size, right? What if I made different sized stitches than you? Could I still make the same thing?" I'm liking it.

Anna said...

A Ha! I have found you. You are very elusive, madam, and poor at answering your phone.
I am trying to revise cardiac physiology and instead am wasting hour upon hour on facebook and ordering yarn for "Catriona" from Debbie Bliss' Rialto. Digory has a facebook page now too.
When are you next back in the 'ford?

Anonymous said...

who has kidnapped interknitter?! please return her, whoever you may be.