Monday, 15 January 2007

Conversation with a muggle

D: OK, but if I did earn enough I'd definitely buy a yacht.
Me: But there are so many better things you could spend that amount of money on.
D: Like what?
Me: Well, like yarn...
D: You could buy a lot of yarn for that money.
Me: Exactly.
D: Alright, when I buy a yacht I'll buy you a piece of yarn.
Me: What, one piece?
D: A really nice piece. How much is a piece of yarn?


Ashley said...

Heh. How big is the piece, and what is made out of?

Elli said...

Oh good grief. Where did you find this person? Obviously his (I'm assuming this is a him) heart overfloweth with generosity.

anna said...

aw, bless! going to be in london this weekend, do hope we can meet up xx

Marie said... to love 'em! (Since a skein is almost always contiguous, it does count very well as a piece)
Is kindness offered by the world's nicest man? :)

emmms said...

A piece? How generous. Although, if it were a piece as long as a yacht...