Wednesday, 27 December 2006

I got a salad spinner for Christmas

I love salad. I love it a lot more than I love fruit. I will happily eat leftover salad for breakfast, and if there are no fighting irons in the immediate vicinity I will do so with my hands, with relish. Chez moi, however, I really rarely eat salad. This is because I hate wet lettuce almost as much as I love salad, and none of my efforts using colanders or whirling the washed leaves around my head in a clean tea towel achieve much more than wet kitchen cupboards. If I leave them to dry on another kitchen towel, they go crinkly and wilted, which is a little better, but requires time and planning that I don't have.

Thanks to my dear and lovely aunt and uncle (yes, he of the unfinished socks. Her Christmas present is also unfinished, but less so) I can now spin salad to my heart's content!

Still not as excited as me?

Ta da!

OK, this is a store-bought jumper and not one of my handknits*, but think of the possibilities! I resorted to this on finding that the spin cycle in my parents' washing machine includes a rinse cycle too, which is great if you haven't used Eucalan and less great if you have, but think! Not only could you use this for delicate lace in preference to wrapping it in a towel and treading on it - it may also be the answer to one of those questions I have pondered on failing to get to sleep more than once: how on earth would I dry a garment to which I had attached my Lionel Nichols buttons? (That I fear are too delicate even for the treading option).

Now I just have to think of a garment worthy of the buttons.

*Truly, if you are looking for one of those you'd best come back in a few months time. I may have completed a sock, or billions of swatches. In which case, I will be well on my way to a very lumpy patchwork blanket


Daphne said...

Oh! Those buttons are very, very nice.

I nearly purchased a salad spinner for xmas; I didn't because of storage space questions and because I got rid of a cool old orange one some years ago and am annoyed by that! Instead, we just deal with damp leaves.

Ashley said...

Ack! Santa got lost and brought my salad spinner to England! I really, really wanted one (for both salad and blocking purposes)...luckily I suppose it is within reach of even my meager budget.

Hannah said...

lovely buttons!

How is med school going?


anna said...

what beautiful, beautiful buttons.

Elli said...

Just when I think I've bought all the knitting gagets! And I hate wet lettuce too. Why don't I already own one of those???

Marie said...

What a brilliant observation! The knitting application has never occured to me. I might have to make room in my kitchen for one of these! (The treading option has never appealed much to me...)
The buttons are absolutely gorgeous! A snow white sweater, mayhaps?
Hope you are having a good 2007!