Wednesday, 24 May 2006

The greens have it

The wise and wonderful Eunny has answered a question I asked her. Go see! Thank you, Eunny! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so touched that you responded, so inspired, and feel so supported by the detailed advice! Thank you, thank you, and once again thanks!

(Ahem. Fewer exclamation marks from here on, I promise).

I'll be using her genius instructions to work on the rustic bolero, which on your very good advice will most likely be a deep mossy green, and a few other garments that have been haunting me in ethereal form for while, which may or may not involve this lot:

All this will have to wait, however, because my exams started yesterday. Knitting will be brief and I'll probably be scarce in blogland for a while. If you're feeling at all altruistic in the next month, please knit something really exciting, try something you've never done before, invest in that yarn you've been visiting in the shop for so many weeks, and let me know about it. If you need an excuse to cast aside that dull project that you're working on so conscientiously and begin the lace that keeps singing its siren song to you - use me! It would be great to be able to read about your exciting knitting exploits when I surface from a round with my books.

As a parting thought, I thought you might be interested to know that since I started night classes in September, two of my classmates and one of my teachers have taken up knitting, inspired by the few rows I manage to fit in in the break over my canteen cup of tea. I was feeling really proud of my brood of co-conscripts until one of them sent me an email yesterday as part of her search for knitting patterns on the web, titled 'I'm becoming a knitting loser!'. Er, thanks Anna. I think that may include all of us.


Laura said...

I wondered if that was the Philippa that I know! :)

Good luck on your exams ... I'm looking forward to seeing that rustic bolero when you are able to get to it!

Ashley said...

I was so excited when I saw your question yesterday! I'm trying desperately to think of something smart enough to ask Eunny.

Good luck with exams!

Marie said...

What an excellent question! I will certainly be printing out her answer to add to my knitting reference collection.
Hope all goes well with the exams! You may have a little felt friend coming to keep you company next week. :)
(The yarn looks scrumptious! What is it?)

Julia said...

Good luck!! Yay on getting your question answered, that's always so nice. =D

meowgirl said...

you've inspired people to knit! loser or not (i can accept perceived loserhood in exchange for all the pleasures of knitting), excellent work!

i love the little sweater on Ms. Thurman below. very much looking forward to seeing your bolero.