Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Café society

I realised today that this was the first time I've ever knit in a café . Not because I have any problems with knitting in public (although I did take these pictures with my 'phone, still uncomfortable taking pictures of my knitting in public) but because I don't often go to cafés. Which is a shame, because as Meowgirl pointed out to me a while ago, knitting in a café with a good drink is really good fun.

There were ony two problems with my lovely afternoon. First, the friend I was supposed to be meeting didn't turn up. She was walking a neighbour's dog which ran off and hid down a rabbit hole, so had to wait in a damp field for four hours until its owner got home from work and came to coax it out. Secondly, there were raisins in my apple pie. Forty-two, to be precise. I know because I counted.


Ashley said...

You know, I rarely cafe-knit because I can rarely find a cafe with comfortable enough chairs. I think if I had a knitting buddy, though, I would do it more.

the scarf is looking great--I really like the little splotches of purple here and there.

Marie said...

Raisins in apple pie? Ick. Hope the afternoon was not spoiled by them. (Your poor friend! What a terrible thing to happen...was the dog frightened away by somthing?)
I always want to go knit in a cafe (caffeine, pastries, and yarn, what could be better?) but have yet to find a free afternoon to do so. I've only managed so far to look longingly at the cute French cafe in my neighborhood as I go by in my daily commute. Le sigh.

Elli said...

Rasins? Is this normal? Did they run out of apples? I hope your next knitting excursion works out better for you :)

ra said...

Hah if you think raisins in apple pie is weird imagine how I felt when I discoveresd SULTANAS in my black pudding!!!!