Monday, 2 February 2009


London's heaviest snowfall for eighteen years. (View from my bedroom window this morning).

It may not look like lots, but predictably, the city ground to a halt, with no buses running, trains and tubes delayed, airports closed, and not even any parking wardens around! (There is a car that has been parked in the bus stop outside my house all day, and no-one has even noticed. It is hidden beneath a blanket of snow, but I can see its little wing mirrors sticking out). I made it into hospital this morning, and was sent home. The people who would have been teaching us critical care, have more critical caring to do when people fall over and slide cars into each other. A bittersweet holiday. I have a heap of notes to write up, so I'm not going to spend this unexpected day at home reading Snowfall, but I wish I could.


Nell said...

What a beautiful picture! Have fun on your snowday! (even if you have to work.)

tim said...

it seems that your past few entries were all gearing up for a snow day... there is a nice warm scarf, some soup, patched up socks, hemmed jeans (don't want the bottoms to get all wet) and finally, down comes the snow!

Katie M. said...

I hope all the fond memories of your snow day haven't disappeared with the snow -- they are the best surprise! Especially when relatively rare. (I had very few growing up in the Northwest US, but remember most of them.)