Friday, 29 February 2008

Using what you have

(And copying Amy).

Last weekend, reading some of the archives of blogs I've recently discovered, I read Amy's post about making challah every Friday with Jacob, and, suddenly, wanted to eat challah more than anything in the world. My dad's family are Jewish, and while my granny didn't make us challah every week in the way she did chicken soup and kneidlach, it still reminds me of her kitchen, her stories, and her love. So when I spied some challah while buying sandwich ingredients the next day, I carried it lovingly home and ate half of it all by myself, drinking a cup of tea, writing knitting lists and making plans.

And then, I noticed the little plastic tag that held the bread bag closed, and I remembered reading this post, and wishing that I had a little bobbin like that, and inspiration struck!

From knot...

... to neat.

Thank you, Amy! - for your advice on the Conwy socks, and the inspiration.

PS Happy Birthday to any leaplings!


Ashley said...

Oh, brilliant! What a great use for something that just ends up in landfills. Adopting immediately.

Faith! said...

This post totally deserves a "ta da!" at the end of it. What a good idea!

Laura said...

i would be completely impressed with the use of the bread bag tag, if i weren't totally mesmerized by the color combination of your knitting. that is gorgeous. :)