Thursday, 13 September 2007

A sock in France

The last post was a collection of images that caught my eye, things that seemed quintessentially French to me, that reminded me somehow of my holiday reading (the rest of The Kill, Madame Bovary and Suite fran├žaise) and just made me happy to be in France. Pictures that I wouldn't share with anyone else; the kind that made passers-by wonder what on earth this latest tourist was snapping at now.

Strangely, this meant that I left out the more conventional and probably better pictures from my holiday. Troyes is in fact a fairytale town clad largely in fifteenth-century timber and dominated by three cathedrals; Flemish-influenced Arras has the only colonnade of its kind in France and a magnificent town hall that was entirely rebuilt after the Second World War (actually the intricately carved stone corner in the last post is part of the back of the mairie); Avignon is famous for its university, the Palais des Papes and of course the bridge; Arles for its Roman amphitheatres and international film festival as well as Van Gogh.

Maybe another day.

The sock mark II continues apace. Before I unravel its predecessor, the little sock that accompanied me all the way home, I thought I'd show you a few more pictures I left out the other day.

A more organised person would have done this before we left.

Don't worry, I only left it like that when we stopped!

Oh, and you do get to see the Arras town hall after all.


Rae said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying your pictures as well as your taste in literature. I read Madame Bovary in June on a trip to Belgium and found it to be quite the page-turner.

darling vicarage said...

bonjour interknitter, i note you failed to mention that arras is the twin town of ipswich - by far it's main selling point :)

Elli said...

very ingenious with the ball-winding. Though I should point out that your steering wheel is on the wrong side.

Laura said...

What a great picture with the yarn! (And I love Elli's comment.)

Marie said...

Oo, novel ways of winding yarn! :) Lucky sock!