Monday, 30 October 2006

Petalling along

Although I've now got round to measuring the swatch and washing and blocking it, for some reason I haven't taken the final step of measuring the finished swatch. I have no explanation for my knitting apathy at all. Tiredness and lots of work really can't be an excuse, since I will happily watch the Ten O'clock news of an evening, which used to be my prime knitting time. Oh, and I spend a lot of time on the tube, which, arguably, is a window designated for nothing but knitting. (I have no love for the London Lite).

So, I will distract you with pictures of some pretty yarn. Sundara cannily timed the launch of her Petals Collection to coincide with my revision. As I put in all the hours to get myself to medical school, it occurred to me that I could also put in place measures to ensure I wouldn't run out of yarn* while studying even harder at said school. Prudent,† I think you'll agree.

This sock, too, is millimetring along, because I may be, um, whisper it... throwing. I found 'knit into second st on left needle, knit first st, slip both sts off needle, k1' like knitting with yarn dipped in treacle, continental-style. Needless to say, the Conwy sock is now languishing needle-less, and I have turned to pastures green-and-pinker.

Also, it appears I may be going to the light side. Any tips to keep me on the path dark and windy are, as usual, gratefully received.

*There is no spur to irrationality like spending hours stuck between pages of biochemistry. Oh dear.

Prudent adj. 1382, wise, discerning, in the Wycliffe Bible; borrowed from Old French prudent, learned borrowing from Latin prūdentem, contraction of prōvidentem having foresight. I am ignoring any pecuniary connotations this word may have, because as Laura so rightly observed: 'I suppose some people might find yarn to make 30 pairs of socks a little excessive, but I am not one of those people. If you are reading this, I would hazard a guess that neither are you.'


Miss Know All said...

Interesting blog. Actually found it quite engrossing.

Laura said...

i was thinking of signing up for the next installment of the socks that rock club, just in case there are lean times in my future. it's important to be prepared. :)

Ashley said...

That is some lovely yarn. I know what you mean about the tiredness--I think it takes a different kind of energy to just sit and stare at the TV than it does to actually will your hands to keep moving (and your brain to stay engaged with the pattern) while you stare. I think med school is a perfectly valid excuse for not knitting!

Marie said...

I think you have well earned the right to do naught but stare at pretty yarn for the time being. It's hard to want to do anything but sit around when one's busy and tired and if first year of med school doesn't result in both, I don't know what does. :) It is very, very pretty yarn...