Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Le fabuleux destin de Parsley l'Hamster

Parsley is a little creature who came to me courtesy of Marie. He's a hamster, and in case you're wondering, that's a flowerpot on his head. You can find out the whole story behind him here.

Parsley arrived in my life in the middle of my exams, and so never had a real outing on this blog.

I think he's a bit happier now.


Ashley said...

Parsley! J'adore.

Daphne said...

SO CUTE! Oh! I'm sorry to hear about your childhood hamster--I once had an evil cat that pushed a flowerpot out a window and it was just Very Very lucky that no one and no thing (like a car that usually parked there) was below at the time.

But you have soooo done your duty by showing Parsley the sights of gay Paris.

Rachel said...

awww, Parsley is even cuter in France!

Marie said...

Oh I bet he's right over the moon! I certainly would be if I got to go to Montmartre and the Louvre and I'Arc de Triomphe and the opera house and...and....I think I'm turning green now... :) What a spectacular tour of Paris he got!

darling vicarage said...

Parsley is the coolest hamster ever