Sunday, 20 August 2006

Baguettes to Paris

Hello dears, I'm off to Paris for two weeks. Oh, it's a tough life being a perpetual student. To explain, I assumed that I would have failed my exams, so booked myself into a language course starting immediately after my results, thinking that I would be in need of a sound and improving treat before before setting off in search of A Real Job. Suddenly, it feels ridiculously extravagant, but I'm not complaining too much.

Coming with me:

For my next attempt at variegated socks. Note my aptitude for demonstrating the desirability of a ball-winder for winding laceweight. Also at mislaying needles. Remember the time I spent money I didn't have on yarn from Get Knitted because it was on sale, and the birch dpns I bought at the same time because I was already paying the postage, and the safe and sensible place I put them for future use? No? Well apparently I don't recall the second part of that escapade either. I may have to go in search of les aiguilles double-aiguë as well as some Anny Blatt yarns. Oh dear it will be tough.

Coals to Newcastle? Why yes. But what better place to buy French yarn than France? And getting myself to a photocopier before going on holiday would be just too much like organisation.

Also these wonderful, wonderful gifts from two dear blog friends that I have yet to tell you about.

Enjoy yourselves while I'm away. I look forward to many and brilliant blog posts when I get back!

Toodle pip.


Laura said...

oooh. so envious. i could use a little paris right now. :)

Marie said... too. A little Paris would be perfect right now. ;) Hope you have a wonderful trip! And may you find the perfect aiguilles double-aiguë and many Anny Blatt yarns (pet the angora for me. :) )
(I really should have stuffed ppor Parsley's nose more...)

Elli said...

Oooh, have a nice time in France! I hope you have lots of non-class time to wander around and see cool things!

Julia said...

Paris?! Well, well. Have fun! So glad you did well on exams, that is very, very exciting. I love the cute little green creature you have there...and that gnome and mushroom fabric!