Monday, 3 July 2006

Out of the World Cup

Now that England are well and truly out of the World Cup (and while I don't blame Wayne Rooney for this, I do think that if we're going to behave like that we shouldn't be winning anyway), it's probably a good time to come clean and tell you that I am, too. There has been knitting in front of the football, but sadly not the lace wrap I posed proudly in my garden some weeks ago. In fact, needle tryouts haven't even taken place yet.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I blame the World Cup. Whenever I have had time to sit down with a cup of tea and some knitting, there's been the major problem of the football: it's on, and I want to watch it - which is where the green sweater linked to the swatch in the previous post comes in: rows and rows of mindless stocking stitch, in the round, no less. Perfect for watching the ins and outs and roundabouts and stampings of the beautiful game.

The other problem is the pattern itself. I tried to chart it the night before kickoff, and got as far as this:

I know I'll have to add in some blank spaces to make it line up and look like a proper pattern, but I'm worried there's a mistake in it, or I'm making a mistake by trying to be too clever. The pattern, which can be found here, ends each 'rep from *' with a sl1k,k1,psso, except for row seven, which has a sl1,k2tog,psso. It is at the west point of the diamond shape (if you think of the diamond as having compass directions for points), so could be right, but there are no other decreases of three stitches anywhere else in the pattern. What do you think? I can't find any errata on the internet, and I'm worried it's a bit cheeky to ring Jaeger or one of their stockists since it's a free internet pattern and might be the mistake of the magazine typist, and not in the original pattern at all. Your advice is sought, please.

Edited to add: Marie, who may be my fairy craftsister, did what I ought to have done all along and actually tried knitting the thing, thus proving that there is no mistake in the pattern, and that I should stop reading things too quickly, missing the sl1,k2tog,psso in row 15, and then fretting for days. Also proving that blogging is a wonderful thing, and that knitters really are some of the kindest people I've been lucky enough to 'meet'.


Daphne said...

I think it's probably correct because all other rows (except 15) seem to have both a k2tog and a sl1, k1, psso -- two sts decreased -- in the "rep from *" parts. Rows 7 & 15 have the double decrease in one stitch.

I'm impressed by your chart!

And thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

Marie said...

Yes, I agree with daphne. I'll take a closer look later today and maybe try it out on some yarn. :)

Ashley said...

OK, I'm coming in after the fact, but I just have to agree re: the knitblogging. It is a Good Thing. I love knowing that I can get my problems solved just by posting a question! Yay blogging!