Thursday, 2 March 2006

Devilishly warm kidneys

Ever wondered what happened to the kidney warmer? Our Sheffield correspondent investigates.

The story goes that the kidney warmer hangs out with a snowboard.

Then in the evening he is taken to a pub in Leeds to see a band call The Situationists - the drummer being a boy called Ralph who is a dear friend. Here the kidney warmer stood, propping up the bar next to friend Millie who is at uni in Leeds.

Then the kidney warmer was marched to another pub for a quiet drink, and stood in front of the fire next to Matt, who has pointy white shoes.

Thanks Zoƫ, nice report. For your next assignment, look into the strange ability of people in Leeds pubs to stand with their feet on the walls. And next time, how about some scenery? - Ed.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

You know, as I was sitting shivering on my couch last night, my little space heater trying valiantly but failing to warm me, I said to Bailey, "I've gotta make one of those kidney warmer thingies."