Friday, 3 February 2006

Knitting encounters

I might have looked a rather funny sight on the 436 this afternoon. I had a wheelie suitcase full of books which I propped next to me, and when it had toppled as we turned the corner for the second time I hooked my arm through its handle and carried on knitting as the bus filled up.

A lady in a black velvet hat with roses on stood next to me for a short while and I must have caught her a few times with the end of my needle before she moved off to an empty seat. (All hail the circular needle. Apologies for not owning a 5mm one yet, fellow-bus voyagers).

When we got off the bus at the same stop she turned to me and said with a warm smile, in an Australian or perhaps New Zealand accent,
‘It’s such a pleasure to see a young person enjoying the craft of knitting. I hope your jumper turns out well.’
I'm sorry I didn't say anything interesting back.

I wish I’d asked her if she knit too. Maybe she lives in a wool house.

On a slightly different note, I am very proudly a participant of the 2006 Knitting Olympics.

I struggled with this for, oh, about - a week. I pointed out to myself I would have three sets of coursework to do at the same time, and that even then I was going away for the weekend with my dear heart the day it started. Then I realised that I could knit on the train. And I could have a button. And what's my blog for, if not joining the wonderful world of knitbloggers in all their interknitterly antics. This is my project:

That's the yarn gathering around to see what it's destined to turn into. It's going to be a hot water bottle cover. And it's pink, which amidst the rest of my knitting at the moment seems a very good thing. I'm going to follow the pattern (from Jaeger Pattern Book 22) for the shape, but instead of following the heart motif pattern this one will be plain pink, with a cable on the opposite side from the buttoned closure. My Olympic challenge is to learn to cable, by teaching myself to cable without a cable needle. I don't have a cable needle and I really don't need to go buying any more stuff.

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