Friday, 27 January 2006

New beginnings

On Wednesday, something really exciting happened to me that could just possibly have far-reaching consequences for the rest of my life. I'm not going to get my hopes up too much, but perhaps in a way of setting the ball rolling (or alternatively as destractionary measures!) I'm going to start a few new things today. First, this post on my new blog, which has been active for over a week now but I've been too caught up in all-things-Wednesday-related to pay it any attention. Last night I finally finished The Old Curiosity Shop, and partly inspired by Jane's praise am going to start The Home-Maker which has been glowing at me from my shelf for a little while. And in honour of this first day in a while of no rushing around, no buses and no classes, just knitting, reading, and drinking tea, I'm going to cast on River.

There, that takes care of all good things coming in threes, and leaves those of greater importance to work themselves out on their own.

And since blogs are no fun without photos, here is where I'll be spending most of my day.

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